Nebraska does not have a designated state vegetable, but some students at Reagan Elementary School in Millard want to change that.

Nebraska Senator LuAnn Linehan recently visited the students at the school to discuss why they believe a designated state vegetable is in order, and they believe that vegetable should be none other than corn.

“Students were surprised to find that Nebraska does not have a designated state vegetable,” said Linehan. “I believe the Cornhusker state should designate corn as our state vegetable.”

The students presented their reasons to Linehan for why Nebraska’s state vegetable should be corn.

Senator Linehan said: “They told me about corn production in Nebraska…different varieties of corn grown in the state, numbers of corn farmers, the money farmers receive when they harvest their corn crops.”

Senator Linehan told a committee of the legislature that she has introduced LB 105 as a result of that meeting to declare corn as Nebraska’s official state vegetable.