No lid

Last weeks Sturigs Rally road trip was amazing!!! Why was it so amazing? Sure there were lots of cool sights to see, roads  to travel, tricked out bikes and NO HELMETS! Yes the best part for me is not having to wear a F helmet. I hope someday the State of Nebraska will pull the helmet law. IF you wear a helmet, please keep wearing it. IF the law is repealed no one said you couldn’t wear a helmet. Wear it if that makes  you feel safe. I’m not here to tell you to or not to wear a helmet. I’m not here to tell you not to wear shorts with sandals and no shirt. I”m not here to tell you not to wear shorts, tennis shoes and a tank top. Everyone that rides a motorcycle knows we take certain risks when we ride. IF you feel comfortable wearing what you wear when you ride, then wear it, own it, ride it. I would prefer to NOT wear a helmet. Do I know the risk? Yes. Yes I do. Do I have full coverage insurance? Yes.  My biggest issue with this whole helmet law/no helmet law is that other people, many that don’t even own a motorcycle, make the laws and have the pull to push people in certain directions. IF you don’t own a bike then you have no idea what it’s like to ride with or without a helmet.  I can go on and on here but there’s no point. I think you already know what side of the coin I fall on. Whatever you do, whatever you ride with or with out a helmet…shiny side up



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