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No, I’m really a nice guy

I’m a Good Person Who Did Some Bad Things. It’s almost a good excuse. Dennis Rader aka BTK will explain what it takes to “Be a good person who did bad things.” You’ll be able to catch the documentary on A&E’s Confessions of a serial killer January 8th & 9th. At the time I wrote this blog entry, the doc has already been shown and can most likely be caught on HULU.

Serial killers are interesting folks. Many times in written stories they’re referred to as “Monsters.” I don’t see it like that. John Wayne Gacy, and all of the other high profile serial killers are just humans. They weren’t always sick fucked up individuals. They became that killer due to some kind of trauma. I don’t know what to call them, but don’t feel Monster is a good name. A monster to me is a mythical creature that’s under your bed, in your closet or haunts you in some way. A Serial Killer is a human being. A completely fucked up human being but yet just a human non the less. What makes them different from me and you is that they kill people for reasons neither of us will completely understand.

Some of my favorite TV programs deal with this subject. I try and learn what makes these people tick and what caused them to go from “Nice guy” to “Killer.” I’m not 100% sure they know. My question is this…how close to being a serial killer are we all? What event did we not experience that could of flipped that switch? I don’t know that the answer to the question and will most likely never really know.

For now we can just watch documentary after documentary of Serial Killers trying to explain why and move the actual responsibility to something or someone else. In my world I believe this one thing-OWN IT! If you did something OWN IT.

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