LINCOLN–(KFOR May 28)–No criminal charges will be filed against the security guard that fired a gun and fatally wounded a Lincoln man last month.

The Lancaster County Attorney’s Office on Tuesday issued a statement regarding the review of the April 7 deadly shooting that followed a fight that broke out after cutting in line at the Royal Hookah Bar and Lounge off of 16th and “O.” According to a release sent to KFOR News from County Attorney Pat Condon’s office, a review of the investigation into the shooting death of 32-year-old Gregory Little, Jr. of Lincoln and forensics analysis determined that a security guard’s actions were in in self-defense.

Condon explained that “under Nebraska law, the use of deadly force in this incident could only be justifiable if the security guard had a reasonable belief that such force was
necessary under the totality of the circumstances to protect himself against death or serious bodily harm.”

Three security guards at the bar tried to intervene when Little took a baton from one of the security guards. The Attorney’s office said video showed that Little apparently stepped closer to the fight and appeared to have picked up one of the loaded handguns, with the security guard reportedly “being scared for his own safety” and fired several shots.

A timeline of events was also released by Condon’s office from the investigation also concluded by Lincoln Police.

• Moments before the shooting, Mr. Little and his companion had argued with two security guards outside of a bar near 16th and O Streets after being denied immediate re-entry.

• A second security staff member displayed a collapsible baton. The second security staff member dropped the baton, it ended up on the ground and was initially picked
up by Mr. Little before he handed it to his companion.

• It appeared to witnesses that the confrontation had ended, but Mr. Little’s companion then initiated a physical fight with the security guard. The companion and security guard faced each other with clenched fists, each eventually swinging punches at the other.

• During this physical confrontation, several items appeared to have been dislodged from the security guard’s tactical vest including a flashlight, a Glock 9mm handgun
and a Taurus 9mm handgun. Those items could be seen on video falling onto the sidewalk near the feet of the security guard and the companion. The security guard’s Stoger 9mm handgun remained in a holster on his right hip.

• The security guard reported to police that he believed Mr. Little had taken one of his handguns from his vest. Forensic video analysis indicated instead the firearms were likely dislodged by Mr. Little’s companion’s fist while he was throwing punches at the security guard.

• Video showed that Mr. Little stepped closer to the physical confrontation, reached toward the sidewalk just near the security guard’s feet, and appeared to pick up one
of the loaded handguns.

• The security guard reported that upon seeing Mr. Little with the loaded handgun he became scared for his own safety, removed the Stoger 9mm handgun from his hip holster, and fired several shots toward Mr. Little.

• Mr. Little went backward several feet and fell to the ground. The security guard reported approaching Mr. Little on the ground and retrieved one of his handguns.

• A forensic pathologist conducted an autopsy of Mr. Little’s body and concluded that he had been struck by three bullets, resulting in his death.

• The collapsible baton and all three firearms were seized as evidence and sent to the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory for DNA analysis. DNA was also collected
and submitted for comparison purposes from Mr. Little, his companion, the security guard, and the second security staff member. The results showed a DNA profile consistent with the companion was located on the collapsible baton and the magazine area of the Glock 9mm handgun; and, that a DNA profile consistent with Mr. Little’s was located on the collapsible baton and the grips, trigger/guard and slide area of the Glock 9mm handgun.

Condon also offered his condolences to the Little family.

“I have had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Little’s mother while this investigation was pending and again this morning. I know that she, Mr. Little’s father, his siblings, his children, as well as his other family and friends are all grieving. I offer them my sincere condolences for their loss,”


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