This is how we remind you that Nickelback‘s getting inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Chad Kroeger and company will receive the honor at this year’s Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys. Speaking during a recent roundtable, Kroeger shared that the Hall of Fame recognition feels “so weird” and “absolutely bizarre.”

“You just feel very undeserving of something like that, first off,” Kroeger says. “And second, it just feels like we should be probably doing this for another 15 years before we get an honor like that.”

Kroeger laughed that the induction is a hint that Nickelback, which has certainly dealt with a lot of haters over the years, should retire.

“What are they telling us with this award?” drummer Daniel Adair joked. “That we should go away now?”

More seriously, entering the Canadian Hall of Fame has led the ‘Back to do some sincere reflecting on their career.

“We’ve been doing this 25 years,” Kroeger said. “I mean, we still call [Adair] the new guy, and how long have you been in the band?”

“Eighteen years,” Adair responded. “I’m still the new guy.”

The 2023 Juno Awards take place Monday, March 13.

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