LINCOLN–(News Release Apr. 6)–Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and Lincoln Fire and Rescue (LFR) officials today said LFR’s newest ladder truck will allow first responders to continue quick and reliable service to the community.

“The high quality of life we enjoy in Lincoln depends upon the strength of our community’s public safety response,” Mayor Gaylor Baird said. “This new truck is equipped with features that will increase safety for our firefighters and lead to even quicker response times and better outcomes for our residents.”

Joining Mayor Gaylor Baird for the news conference at Station 5, 3640 Touzalin Ave., were LFR Chief Dave Engler; LFR Fire Captain Shane Cuttlers, and Lincoln City Council Member James Michael Bowers.

The new truck is now in service and replaces the vehicle at Station 5 in the Havelock Neighborhood, which was purchased in 2015 and has more than 180,000 miles. The new ladder truck cost $1.08 million. Funding for the vehicle is part of the $8.4 million in Cares Act federal funding allocated to the City of Lincoln for public safety.

New truck features include:

  • 105’ ladder
  • Self-leveling system to provide more safety when the ladder is extended
  • Interior air purification system
  • Remote control ladder to help facilitate technical rescues when visibility is obstructed
  • Additional emergency lighting for better visibility in traffic
  • A tapered rear end which increases cargo space, increases maneuverability, and allows for more direct and safer access to the ladder

Chief Engler said the truck is part of the continuous effort by the City to invest in public safety and maintain a strong firefighting fleet. In February, LFR announced 115 new pieces of lifesaving equipment and in November 2022, LFR welcomed two fire engines and an ambulance. LFR has added 15 new vehicles since 2019.

“Adding this new ladder truck will provide reliability, expedition of response, and better access for firefighters, all of which directly impacts emergency response,” Chief Engler said.

Bowers said that because LFR personnel are integral to the safety and success of neighborhoods in Northeast Lincoln and throughout the community, it’s important to prioritize their equipment needs.

“As Lincoln continues to grow, the City is committed to identifying resources and opportunities at the local, state, and federal level that support both the on-the-job safety and outstanding public safety response of our team at LFR,” Bowers said.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue is a combined fire and emergency services department. LFR responds to all 911 calls in Lincoln and in nearby communities that contract with LFR. Lincoln Fire and Rescue has received the Mission Lifeline Award from the American Heart Association for seven consecutive years – the last five being Gold Plus Awards.

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