Nebraska Unemployment Hits History Low

LINCOLN –  Nebraska’s unemployment rate has dropped to 2.3%, one of the lowest rates ever. Lincoln’s rate is even lower at 1.9%.

The State rate is down 0.2 percentage points from the June 2021 rate of 2.5 percent and down 2.1 percentage points from the July 2020 rate of 4.4 percent.

“While the unemployment rate has reached a historical low and the number of filled jobs is up significantly over July of 2020, many employers continue to seek qualified talent,” said Commissioner of Labor John H. Albin. “NDOL’s network of job centers is here to help employers connect with talent through and build their workforce through programs such as on-the-job training, customized training, Youth Earn and Learn and Registered Apprenticeships.”

Nonfarm employment was 1,012,649 in July, down 6,429 over the month and up 35,918 over the year. Private industries with the most growth month to month were manufacturing (up 1,019); education and health (up 471); and mining and construction (up 460). Private industries with the most growth year to year were leisure and hospitality (up 9,301); education and health (up 6,646); and trade, transportation, and utilities (up 5,005).

The national seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for July 2021 is 5.4 percent, down 0.5 percentage points from the June 2021 rate of 5.9 percent and down 4.8 percentage point from July 2020 rate of 10.2 percent.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issued the following statement regarding claims data and unemployment estimates: “Data users must be cautious about trying to compare or reconcile the UI claims data with the official unemployment figures gathered through the household survey. The unemployment data derived from the household survey in no way depend upon the eligibility for or receipt of UI benefits. In some cases, UI claims data exclude people who would be identified as unemployed in the household survey, like new entrants to the labor force with no prior work experience. In other cases, UI data may include individuals who do not meet the CPS definition of unemployment.”

“Our unemployment rate has matched our historical low and we continue to have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation,” said Governor Ricketts.  “Nebraskans are tough, hardworking people, and they are powering Nebraska’s current economic boom.  With tens of thousands of open jobs, there are great opportunities for people of all backgrounds here in the Good Life.”

Nebraska’s Preliminary Employment Statistics for July 2021

  • Unemployment Rate: 2.3%

#1 in the nation

Tied for lowest rate on record (rate was 2.3% from Apr-Aug of 1990 and from Oct.-Feb. in 1997-1998)

  • Labor Force Participation: 68.4%

#3 in nation (behind North and South Dakota)

  • Employment-to-Population Ratio: 66.8%
  • #1 in nation
  • Manufacturing Employment: 100,700

Highest total since October 2008