Nebraska Department of Education Releases Second Draft of State Health Standards

Nebraska State Education Commissioner Matthew Blomstedt (Courtesy Photo)

LINCOLN–(KFOR July 29)–The Nebraska Department of Education has released their second draft of the state’s health education standards, in particular when it comes to sex education.

Commissioner Matthew Blomstedt says it’s obvious that parents and communities need to be engaged in what these topics are about.  He says the latest draft removes many of those topics that were “problematic” for people across Nebraska.

“Really what we want to focus on is ensuring that our parents and  guardians and every trusted adult for our students are engaged in the process at a local level,” Blomstedt said.

Blomstedt says the first draft is also on their website for you to compare and see the changes made.   Click the links below to review and provide feedback.

Nebraska Department of Education website

Nebraska Health Standards -2nd Draft