Nebraska Chamber of Commerce Outlines 2023 Legislative Priorities

LINCOLN–(KFOR Feb. 7)–Modernizing taxes, addressing the workforce shortage and driving innovation are just some of the things the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce laid out Tuesday morning as Legislative priorities this year for State Lawmakers.

One bill, LB 416, is a convenience tax rule that would allow remote workers to work for Nebraska companies. State Chamber president Bryan Sloane adds the sky’s the limit for Nebraska to be competitive nationally and globally, if lawmakers are able to push through these bills and Governor Pillen’s tax packages.

Business growth survey chart from 2022. (Courtesy of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce)

Sloane said in a Zoom conference with reporters investments in community, workforce and infrastructure, plus historic tax cuts, have cleared the way for a new era of growth and prosperity in Nebraska – an era of new families, growing communities, enhanced quality of life, and global market leadership.

Click here to see the list of priorities for 2023 from the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce.