(KFOR NEWS  May 31,2019)  Nebraska Task Force 1 (NE-TF1) will be participating in the largest Urban Search and Rescue exercise ever undertaken Nebraska Task Force 1 (NE-TF1) will be participating in the largest civilian based search and rescue exercise ever undertaken in the United States.  Eleven urban search and rescue task forces from all over  the United States, Canada and Australia along with Butler County Incident Management Team in Ohio, FEMA Incident Support Team and active duty military and national guard drone and helicopter units will participate.  The total engagement is nearly 1,500 personnel converging on Muskatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC), Indiana, for the exercise on June 1-7.  The event is a world-class mock disaster.  For up to four full days (June 2 thru 7), NE-TF1 will be exercising their Type 1 task force as they respond by both air and ground to a scenario involving a simulated 6.6 Modified Mercalli (MM) Intensity Scale earthquake in the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone.
This is an extremely rare opportunity for the task force.  The team will participate in a realistic search and rescue event involving multiple assets and operations including team
movement by ground, and fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.  They will experience earthquake operations including structural collapse rescue and wide area search, base of operations set up, helicopter-based sling-load training, all while working in a flood water environment for a continuous 24-hr. operations exercise.  The exercise is being designed to test, the team’s abilities to function in forward-operating bases in an otherwise cutoff community, to engage in operations with foreign US&R teams, to test ability to live-feed data from USAF unmanned aircraft to S&R leadership, and to train on sling loading of US&R equipment to forward operating locations by Army helicopters.

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