Erin Konecky is being honored as the 2019 Nebraska Mother of the Year.   The award recognizes Erin’s courage, empathy, and community spirit.  It also highlights the admirable way in which she has turned personal tragedy into an opportunity to extend care and compassion to others.

“Erin’s determination to make something good out of her own experience of loss is truly remarkable,” said Governor Ricketts. “Her resilience as a mother, along with her resolve to console and give hope to other grieving parents, provides a noble example that makes her the perfect recipient of the 2019 Nebraska Mother of the Year award.”

In partnership with the Governor’s Office, Erin created a new program to send condolence cards to parents who have experienced the loss of a newborn.  By acknowledging the life of their child, as well as their experience of grief, Erin has led the way in affirming the dignity of life and showing compassion to Nebraskans suffering the trauma of bereavement.

Erin also serves as an influential volunteer with local non-profits Mourning Hope and No Footprint Too Small, where she provides vital support to grieving Nebraskans.  As a professional educator, and through her volunteerism, she educates others on the impact trauma has on students both at home and at school.  In addition, Erin and her husband are loving and devoted parents to their son, Gram.  They have also provided respite care to foster families, and they are currently foster parents themselves.

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