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NDOT Reveals Winners of 2022 “Name a Snowplow” Contest

March 29, 2022 (Lincoln, Neb.) — The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) has

announced the winners of its inaugural “Name a Snowplow” contest! With more than 300 submissions by

Nebraska elementary school students, the list was narrowed down to 17 winners.

According to Shannon Ankeny, NDOT Director of Communications and Public Policy, the creativity of

students’ submissions was impressive, making it difficult to narrow down the list. Some of the winning

names included Blizzard of Oz, Darth Blader, Snowbuster, and Snow Big Red.

Ankeny noted, “We were excited to give Nebraska’s students the chance to get involved in naming our

plows. It’s also a great way to recognize our hardworking snowplow drivers and maintenance workers,

who are often the unsung heroes of keeping our roads safe during and after winter weather.”

The selected plows will be branded with their new monikers and have been updated on NDOT’s where the name and location of each plow is available in real time. While

NDOT has over 600 snowplows, these 17 winners will be the only ones identified by name for now.

NDOT will share additional information on its social media pages, including when the 17 names are

placed on the snowplows.

According to Ankeny, NDOT plans to have another contest next year, with the goal to have 30 new

names to add by early October.

Here are the schools with winning snowplow names and the districts to which they will be assigned,

Snowplow Name District School
Blizzard Buster D7 Bloomfield Elementary School
Blizzard of Oz D2 Bloomfield Elementary School
Darth Blader D1 McCool Junction Public School
Dragon Flame D4 Our Redeemer Lutheran Staplehurst
Drift Slayer D6 Bloomfield Elementary School
Flurry Force D5 High Plains Community
Ice breaker 2000 D3 Bloomfield Elementary School
Peppermint D8 Malcolm Public Schools
Plower Power D3 Bloomfield Elementary School
Snow Angel D7 Bloomfield Elementary School
Snow Beast D8 McCool Junction Public School
Snow Big Red D4 Shelby Rising City
Snow Blade D4 Emmanuel-Faith Lutheran
Snow Day Hunter D6 McCool Junction Public School
Snowbuster D1 McCool Junction Public School
Snowbuster Bloomfield Elementary School
Snow-tal Annihilation D2 Bloomfield Elementary School
Winter Warrior D5 McCool Junction Public School

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