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NDOT Announce Roadside Memorial Policy

Today, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) announces their new roadside memorial policy aimed at allowing an immediate family member to memorialize a death which occurred as the result of a vehicular crash on the State Highway System. Immediate family members can now apply for a NDOT produced sign to be erected in a requested location in the State Right of Way as a memorial for two years after installation.  NDOT will make every effort to place the memorial sign as close to the requested location as possible.

Director Kyle Schneweis said,“The Department believes this new policy appropriately allows families to honor their loved ones while keeping the State Highway System free of various memorials and hazards which may be a distraction to motorists.  We want to recognize grieving families while balancing our responsibility of increasing safety on Nebraska’s highway system.”

 As part of the transition, NDOT will continue to work with family members who currently have private memorials on the State Highway System.  Family members who currently have private memorials on the state highway system are encouraged to contact their local NDOT office to discuss the disposition of their memorial and get information regarding installation of the new memorial sign.  Family members wishing to install a new memorial will be asked to submit an application for the customized sign.

 Each memorial sign will include a safety message chosen by the family from five available options:  “Please Drive Safely”; “Seat Belts Save Lives”; “Don’t Drink and Drive”; ”Don’t Text and Drive”; “Don’t Drive Impaired” and will also display the name of the individual being memorialized.”


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