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Nation’s Largest Brick and Mortar CBD Retailer Releases Studies Supporting Efficacy of CBD

(KFOR NEWS  June 30, 2021)   CBD American Shaman, the nation’s largest brick and mortar CBD retailer with over 360 locations nationwide, released results of three studies supporting the use of CBD to provide relief from sleeplessness, assistance in management of pain, ADHD, IBS, and chronic fatigue, as well as the safe consumption of CBD citing no harmful effects on the liver.

All three studies released at The International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) conference support CBD’s efficacy. The first study titled, “Use of a Water-Soluble Form of Cannabinol for the Treatment of Sleeplessness,” analyzed the use of nano treated water-soluble CBN, a compound of the hemp plant taken at a specific life stage, and its effect on sleeplessness. The study found that CBN significantly improved both the length and quality of sleep. It induced sleep faster, kept participants from waking during the evening, and overall improved sleep quality (enabling normal progression through the various stages of sleep) so individuals woke up feeling rested.

“The main thing these studies show is how dedicated we are to science,” said Vince Sanders, President and Founder of CBD American Shaman. “Acknowledgement by the top group in cannabinoid medicine is validation that our nano-treated CBD products work. It has taken years of hard work and the belief that the only way to learn more is through science, but it’s still an ongoing process to see what else we can do.”

The second study titled, “Nano Processed CBG/CBD: Effect on Pain, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue,” analyzed how a solution combining 5mg/ml CBD and 15mg/ml CBG improved chronic conditions for some individuals. The results indicated the CBG/CBD solution helped those suffering from pain and IBS symptoms, improved thinking and attention levels for those with ADHD, and improved energy levels for those with chronic fatigue.

The third and final study titled, “Observed Impact of Long-Term Consumption of Oral Cannabidioll on Liver Function of Healthy Adults,” analyzed how CBD impacts liver function with consumption. The study results found that CBD did not elevate liver function tests and did not result in liver failure, making it safe for consumption. Additionally, on average, individuals taking nano-treated CBD (in this instance from CBD American Shaman) used 7 times less CBD per day than those using non-nano treated CBD (7.6 mg versus 54.0 mg).

“The results from these studies are striking,” said Dr. Robert Kaufmann, primary author and designer of all three studies. “They demonstrate the safety of CBD, and specifically how little CBD is actually needed to produce significant effects when nano-treated CBD is used.”

The studies released explore just some of the potential ways cannabinoids can be utilized for effective assistance with specific ailments and chronic conditions. CBD American Shaman prioritizes education around CBD and other cannabinoids specially for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. For more information on CBD American Shaman, these studies, and CBD products, please visit

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