Music is life

Music is life. That may sound like a silly statement. but it’s true. Music makes you happy. Music makes you sad. Music brings back a good or bad memory or helps you make new ones. I’ve been dealing with the loss of a loved one and the only way I’m getting thru it is to bury myself in music. You would assume that I’m probably listening to something on the Blaze play list . For the most part you would be correct except this trauma is much deeper and that takes a much deeper style of music to make it work. Many year’s ago, I found Miles Davis. His style of Jazz is unlike many other artists. I just plug in some headphones and I can let it go for as long as the song lasts and the repeat as needed. Whatever style you listen to I’m sure you can achieve the same affect. Music never lets you down no matter who or what it is. It lives forever and that makes it the most powerful healing tool know to man. Plug it in and heal your soul.



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