Aubrey Trail (Courtesy of the Nebraska Department of Corrections)

LINCOLN–(KFOR Sept. 19)–Convicted murderer Aubrey Trail is being accused of extorting a prison nurse in a murder-for-hire-scheme using a Lincoln woman, who is now in jail.

Court documents say 55-year-old Samantha Al-Rekabi was arrested over the weekend and charged with extortion. She was wanting to write a book about Trail’s murder conviction and crimes and she befriended a nurse at the Reception and Treatment Center, where Trail is housed. The nurse apparently smuggled items like a cellphone and tobacco for Trail and told him about her marriage problems.

Trail apparently told the nurse he hired a hitman to kill her husband and to stop it from happening, she had to pay him $25,000. Later on, the nurse admitted to the FBI to taking out the money and giving it to Al-Rekabi hoping to avoid the killing. Authorities believe the planned attack was not creditable and just a scheme.

Al-Rekabi is due back in court in October.

Trail, 57, was convicted and sentenced to death for the November 2017 killing and dismemberment of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe of Lincoln.


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