Lincoln Senator Adam Morfeld has introduced a bill labeled as the Red Flag Law, which is aimed to reduce gun violence.

LB 58 would allow firearms to be taken away from a person at extreme risk of harming themselves or others and before warning signs escalate into violence.

Morfeld says due process is followed to make sure it’s only used in extreme cases. Such laws are in place in 13 other states, while 29 others have considered it in the past year.

Senator Morfeld stated,  “Law enforcement, students, and my constituents have made clear the need to have safeguards to ensure that those found to be suffering from severe mental illnesses and individuals who pose an immediate threat do not have access to firearms after an emergency court hearing.” He went on to state, “LB 58 requires a court hearing, requires evidence to be presented and ensures due process for the gun owner. As a gun owner and an attorney this is a critical component for me.”

The bill also has the support of some law enforcement agencies across Nebraska, in light of mass of school shootings in the past year.

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