The list and expense grew Tuesday on the repairs needed for bridges throughout Lancaster County.

The county board approved closing bridges on Little Salt Creek between north 112th and 134th, one just west of 176th street, and a culvert crossing Stevens Creek just west of 98th and Adams. All closed because of additional flood damage.

County Engineer Pam Dingman said she was at the 98th and Adams culvert with the Federal Highway Administration and the Nebraska Department of Roads. “I haven’t received an official determination, but they were leaning towards calling the structure a 100% loss.”

“Anytime we know that we have unstable materials at the bottom of the bridge, or a void, the Federal Highway Administration said it must be closed.”

“We also have clear and dramatic concerns about the upcoming additional weather events that are forecast this week.” said Dingman.

Lancaster county now has about 3 dozen bridges and culverts that are closed to traffic because of flood damage or construction.

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