Republican City Councilwoman and candidate for Mayor Cyndi Lamm is questioning the use of taxpayer funds for an information campaign about the upcoming quarter cent sales tax vote. The City recently announced that four open houses will allow the public to learn more about the proposal.

The City plans to contribute $187-thousand dollars to a $260,000 campaign. The remainder will be chipped in by the Chamber of Commerce.

Lamm said “there is something fundamentally wrong about using taxpayer money to encourage voters to increase their own taxes. ”

Mayor Chris Beutler’s Spokesperson Diane Gonzolas replied by saying “The City is prohibited by law from using City resources to advocate for any issue or candidate on the ballot.  The funding is being used strictly for public education.”

She added that “to ensure compliance with the law, all aspects of our educational efforts – including all the information on —  are being reviewed by the City Attorney’s office before they are available to the  public to make sure they are education and not advocacy.”