Mayor Chris Beutler on Sunday evening announced mandatory water restrictions for Lincoln residents.  The new Level 2 Water Use Restriction Emergency declaration is due to a temporary loss of pressure in the pipeline between the wellfields and water treatment plant near Ashland.  Although the issue was isolated and water production has resumed, this occurrence, combined with some power loss due to flooding at the wellfields, has created a tenuous situation. Lincoln’s supply of drinking water is safe.


The new restrictions replace Level 1 voluntary restrictions enacted earlier Sunday.  Level 2 mandatory restrictions will remain in effect until further notice.  Hospitals and care facilities are exempt from the restrictions.


The Level 2 mandatory restrictions include:

  • 25 percent reduction of all industrial, commercial and institutional water use;
  • 50 percent reduction of all residential indoor water use;
  • Outdoor water use is prohibited;
  • Commercial car washes must be shut down;
  • Washing of fleets of vehicles, such as garbage trucks, vehicles delivering food and perishable items, emergency and sludge vehicles is only permitted between midnight and 6 a.m.;
  • Water is served to restaurant patrons upon request only;
  • Retailers, suppliers and manufacturers will be contacted to provide increased water supplies of bottled water and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Restaurants and institutions with food service shall use non-washable/disposable table settings;
  • All bars and liquor-serving establishments shall use single service or disposable glasses;
  • Golf course watering and air conditioning using Lincoln Water System sources is prohibited; and
  • Water shortage rates may be imposed.


Water is now restricted to indoor use only.  Residents should shorten showers and postpone dishwashing and laundry.


Residents are reminded that Lincoln’s water quality is not affected by Platte River flooding.  Residents are encouraged to visit for the latest Lincoln Water System operations updates during the Platte River flooding event.