Since it’s TOOL day at PBA I thought i’d share a story of Maynard with you. Several years ago A Perfect Circle played Pershing Center. The Blaze gave away tickets and meet n greets. I meet the winners at the front door and was joined shortly there after by the bands Tour Manager. I brought a digital camera with me to take a picture of APC with the winners. The TM asked what I was planning on doing with the camera. I told him it was for the meet n greet. He asked if I would put the camera back in the station vehicle as there are no cameras allowed at the show as per the band. OK, no problem. I took the camera to the Blaze van that was parked just outside the door and returned to the group. The bands TM took us to the basement of Pershing Center to meet everyone but Maynard. It was cool to meet the band. James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins was playing with them at the time so it was extra cool to meet him. The band was very nice, signed a few things and we left. I decided to sit on the right side of the stage about half way up. There were probably a few dozen other people sitting in the same area. Just as the show starts the bands TM comes trotting up the stairs and says “Hey I told you no cameras.” I said “I don’t have a camera, I took it to the Blaze van as you requested. “Well Maynard seen you taking pictures from here.” Ok, it’s dark, Maynard has no idea what I look like and I don’t have a camera so there is NO WAY that he was watching me. At this point cell phones didn’t have good cameras. They maybe had a 3x zoom. Really not great. From where I was sitting a picture of the stage would look like complete crap so it would be pointless to take a photo. I already took the good camera to the Blaze van as he requested so there was NO camera to take pictures. I wasn’t paying that much attention to other sitting in my section but I don’t believe anyone there had a camera either. The TM then let’s me know that “Maynard is watching me” and leaves. Maynard is watching me? He’s standing on stage way above the drummer riser wearing a full on Santa outfit. How in the hell is he watching me? He’s not! It was the oddest thing ever.

Maynard is not allowing anyone to take photos or video of the show tonight at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Please don’t try because out of the several thousand TOOL fans at the show, Maynard will be “Watching YOU” I won’t be there because Maynard banned me from the show for taking photo’s at the APC show many years ago. No I’m just kidding. Maynard doesn’t know me. I’m totally good with that.

If you’re going to the show, please have a great time. Maynard is watching you!!!!