Metalheads rejoiced when Megadeth reunited with Marty Friedman for a few songs during their concert at Tokyo’s famed Budokan venue in February, marking the first time the guitarist has played with the thrash legends in 23 years. As Friedman tells ABC Audio, he and Dave Mustaine may have been just as excited, if not more so.

“Playing the Budokan was a dream for me, it was a dream for Dave Mustaine, it was a dream for Megadeth,” Friedman shares. “I always wanted to do it together with those guys, and it finally happened, and it happened in really the best way it possibly could.”

As a longtime resident of Japan, Friedman has a special reverence for Budokan.

“Budokan is not the biggest venue in Japan, but it’s very prestigious,” Friedman explains. “For Megadeth to continue their career to a point where they’re able to play Budokan and sell it out … I’m very proud to be part of that legacy.”

Since living in Japan, Friedman’s played Budokan seven times, though he puts the Megadeth show above all the rest.

“There was just so much hope for me and Mustaine to do this someday, even since the ’90s,” Friedman says. “To finally do it in good health and the band running on all 20 cylinders, it was just great.”

It remains to be seen whether the Budokan performance will lead to further reunions between Megadeth and Friedman, but he and Mustaine did send each other “the coolest emails” after the show.

“Just like high school kids after playing a really good gig,” Friedman says. “It was awesome.”

Friedman is currently touring the U.S. solo while opening for Queensrÿche.

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