Mark Zuckerberg, I just have one question…

First of all, how dare you?!

News outlets recently reported that the social media giant has decided to rebrand Facebook due to his prediction for the future of the internet. Henceforth, Facebook as a brand will go by the name “Meta”, making more clear to consumers that Facebook itself is just one of many social media apps within the larger “metaverse” umbrella.

So… fine. I get it. It makes sense. But I am starting to understand how anyone named Alexa must’ve felt when Amazon came out with the ominous black cylinders. A nice name that now makes us shudder for fear of our own devices suddenly ordering a weeks worth of groceries.

Am I going to have to rebrand myself? At this point, I’m just ticked off that I didn’t buy all the meta-related URLs when I had the chance. I could’ve made millions… BILLIONS EVEN!