LINCOLN–(KFOR Sept. 18)–The general area of where the car driven by Nebraska volleyball player Lindsay Krause was rear-ended last Wednesday west of 48th and “O” typically sees a lot of crashes because the three-lane westbound traffic starts to merge down to two lanes.

Lincoln Police Sgt. Chris Vollmer says Krause was rear-ended by a vehicle while turning off of “O” Street onto the lot going toward Chick-Fil-A. The vehicle responsible kept going and didn’t stop. Krause’s car suffered $2,500 damage and she sat out Sunday’s match against Kentucky because of the injuries.

Sgt. Vollmer says investigators are looking over security video in the area for the suspect vehicle.

The map below shows the hit and run crashes resulting in injury so far in 2023.  Most of those have happened this year on “O” Street and a majority in the area of downtown Lincoln.

This heat map provided by Lincoln Police shows some the hot spots for hit-and-run collisions across Lincoln in 2023.

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