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Man Tries To Open Bank Account With Phony $1-Million Bill

LINCOLN–(KFOR Oct. 29)–It’s not every day you hear about someone trying to open a bank account with a $1-million bill. It happened in Lincoln on Monday at the Pinnacle Bank off of 61st and Havelock.

Lincoln Police said a man walked in with what he thought was a real $1-million bill, but an employee told him it wasn’t and gave it back to him.

Eventually, the man left. Police say it was caught on camera, but it doesn’t appear any crime was committed.  They would like to find out who he is to check on his welfare and to see if he was a victim of a crime.

While the highest bill currently in print is the $100 bill, the highest bill ever printed and very briefly used was a $100,000 bill, according to the U.S Department of Treasury.  It was used  from late 1934 to early 1935 for official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks and never was in circulation among the general public.

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