A man pleaded guilty to reduced charges Friday in the 2017 beating death of a Lincoln man over a drug debt.

KFOR media partner 1011 reports that Dominic Aguirre entered a guilty plea for 1st degree assault and attempted kidnapping. Aguirre will be sentenced February 13. Both charges carry a sentence of 1-50 years in prison.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutors amended the charges from Second Degree Murder.

Another man in the case, Paul Clark, 36, pleaded no contest to assault and weapons charges in August 2018, and was sentenced to 60-80 years in prison on October 25.

Clark was sentenced to 40-50 years in prison for one count against him, and 20-30 years for the other. The two sentences are to be served consecutively, the court records show.

Investigators learned Aguirre and Clark had been searching for Phillip Madlock to collect on a debt for illicit narcotics. Police said Madlock was assaulted at multiple locations in Lincoln, and after he was deceased, his body was transported to a location outside of Lancaster County.