A 33-year-old Lincoln woman called police for help Tuesday night after she says her boyfriend cut her with his sword.

Police showed up to the home near 19th and South Street and saw a puddle of blood near the front door. Officer Angela Sands says 33-year-old Jeary Ramsay was standing in the living room covered with blood with one sword draped on him and another sword attached to his belt.

The victim reported Ramsay and his friend were drinking and got into an argument about Ramsay swinging the sword in the home. They reportedly wrestled over the sword and Ramsay cut his hand during the struggle. Ramsay’s friend gathered his belongings and left the home.

Ramsay turned his attention to his girlfriend and chased her as he swung the sword. The victim told police Ramsay swung the sword and struck her above her left eye. She said she dove under a bed and Ramsay stabbed the mattress, but the woman was able to get away and call for help.

Officers spoke to Ramsay and instructed him to put the swords down. According to police, Ramsay screamed for officers to just shoot him. He was eventually taken into custody without further incident.

Ramsay was taken to the hospital for a laceration to his right hand and the back of his head. Ramsay’s father was called and had already taken his son’s girlfriend to the hospital for an injury above her left eye.

Officer Sands said five swords were found and confiscated.

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