Scott Frankson (Courtesy of Lancaster County Corrections)

LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 29)–An arrest was made early Monday morning regarding a burglary from late Sunday night at the Dillard’s store at Gateway Mall.

Lincoln Police Captain Todd Kocian says officers showed to find a shattered glass door on the northside of the store. Lincoln Police Captain Todd Kocian says as officers were clearing out the building, they found a gray jacket on the floor and one of the officers recognized it as it belong to someone that was contacted earlier in the day. Then shortly after midnight, LPD found 24-year-old Scott Frankson in the area and arrested for burglary.

Officers found just over $3,000 worth of items on Frankson and more than $9,500 damage was done to the door and display cases. All the items missing, including perfume, necklaces, a watch, jacket and flip flops were recovered.

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