Son Prack (Courtesy of Lancaster County Corrections)

LINCOLN–(KFOR Oct. 9)–Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputies on Friday morning arrested a man suspected of following a 37-year-old woman out for a run near a subdivision located off of SW 56th and West Old Cheney.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Ben Houchin says the woman noticed a car following her and went to contact the driver, 49-year-old Son Prack, to see if he was lost and tried talking to him. Houchin adds the woman described Prack as just staring off into space. The woman took off running again and later ran to a house, which prompted the vehicle to leave. Houchin says the woman then tried to finish her run.

The car returned again and the woman ran off into a wooded area to call for help. Deputies responded and contacted Prack, who said he was he was low on gas and trying to find Pioneers Park. After he briefly drove off from a traffic stop, a check of Prack’s vehicle found no weapon and he was arrested for stalking and obstructing a peace officer.