Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale opens up about her approach to writing for the band’s next album in a new interview with The Allison Hagendorf Show.

“I’m in a really beautiful spot,” Hale shares. “I am free of mostly anything in myself that was ever holding me back from what I wanna say, who I wanna direct things to, what I wanna feel about this music, what I’m writing about.”

“I’m learning about myself in real time,” she continues. “It’s like I’m reborn, but with all the memories of my past life. So I’m going into this record with such a, it’s not a clean slate, but it’s this renewed sense of power and magic.”

Hale likens the recording sessions to being a kid in a sandbox, adding, “There is nothing that is off the table.”

“I think this is gonna be the best record that I’ve ever done, and the truest to my real self,” Hale says. “I’m not just writing for an avatar and what people think they need to hear, I’m just doing it, and not worrying about any of it. And the truth is coming out in such a crazy way.”

Halestorm’s most recent album is 2022’s Back from the Dead.

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