LPS Saving Hundreds of Thousands A Year By Switching Internet Providers

(KFOR NEWS  October 12, 2022)  Lincoln Public Schools has been providing all staff and students with access to internet digital resources at a cost to the district of $671,502 a year.  LPS has a 12 year fiber network contract at a cost of $8,058,028, which is set to expire on July 1, 2023.

At Tuesday evening’s school board meeting, the Board voted for a 10 year fiber network contract with ALLO for $1,230,000.  This is an average annual cost of $123,000.  If two additional 5-year extensions are exercised, the average annual cost of the proposed fiber network would be $120,540 on the 20-year term.  The proposed contract cost represents an average 82% annual decrease, and based on the current percentage of students receiving free and reduced meal assistance, the district is eligible for a Federal E-rate discount of 60%.

If both extensions are executed, the proposed fiber network will be available to the district until June 30, 2043.

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