LINCOLN–(KFOR Dec. 22)–Lincoln Police on Friday morning released the name of the officer who fired shots at a person who fled a traffic stop on Sunday in the area of 19th and Knox.

Captain Todd Kocian said Joseph Kernan was the officer involved. He has one year of service with the department.  Officer Kernan conducted a traffic stop near 19th and Knox Streets on Sunday around 9 a.m. but the driver of the white Hyundai Azera drove off and pulled into a parking lot of a nearby apartment complex. As the officer pulled in behind the Hyundai, the driver reversed and drove further into the parking lot, turning into a dead end.

Investigators say the driver reversed out of the dead end, hitting a retaining wall and a parked vehicle. The driver then continued forward toward the officer, who had gotten out of the cruiser, prompting the officer to fire two shots, both hitting the hood of the Hyundai. The Hyundai reportedly hit large landscaping rocks as it drove off.

The car was later found Sunday evening near 9th and Manatt.  Police don’t believe the suspect was hurt and has still not been located.