An extortion attempt is being investigated by Lincoln Police, when a 43-year-old woman took a call late Tuesday afternoon at Bryan East Campus off of 48th and Sumner from a man identifying himself as Sgt. Gaston with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Lincoln Police Captain Todd Kocian says the man told the woman to withdraw money from her bank and open another bank account, because she had missed a court date and had two warrants out for her arrest. The woman realized it was a scam. Kocian says the woman then got another call from someone claiming to be Lt. Vik with the Sheriff’s Office, telling her she needed to pay more than $15,000.

The woman refused and the male threatened her and her family. No money was lost. No one from law enforcement will call you about missing a court date and having to pay a fine.

There was another attempted extortion that happened Wednesday afternoon, after a man got a phone call when he was at work about a possible home invasion at his home near NW 53rd and West Redberry Lane. Captain Kocian says the man was told by the caller his family was being held hostage and threatened to harm them, if he didn’t say where they kept their money.

The man left work and went home. When officers arrived, everyone was found safe and sound and determined it was a scam. The man told officers the caller ID on the original phone call was the same number as his wife’s phone.

No one was hurt, no loss reported. Police have no suspects at this time.  It unclear if both are connected or not.

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