Lollapalooza Trailer

A new documentary on Lollapalooza is coming.

The first trailer for “Lolla: The Story of Lollapalooza” is out and it features Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, Tool, Hole, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Arrested Development, Primus, Alice in Chains, the Verve, Beastie Boys, the Breeders, A Tribe Called Quest, the Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Sinead O’Connor, Questlove & the Roots and the Ramones.

The project will premiere May 21 on Paramount+.

It also features commentary from Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and more.