LINCOLN–(KFOR July 7)–The water you may be drinking from your faucet could have potentially harmful chemicals. At least that’s according to a new government study from the U.S. Geological Survey.

The study says about 45% of the water faucets across the country have synthetic compounds known as PFAS  that may cause cancer and other health problems.  Researchers say the heaviest exposures were in major cities along the east and west coasts, and communities throughout the Great Plains states.

KFOR News reached out to officials with Lincoln Transportation and Utilities about Lincoln’s water situation and the first quarter sampling results for 2023 show no detections of PFAS in Lincoln’s water.

The city said in a news release they do regular sampling and testing of the city’s water to make sure it meets all regulatory and health standards. That includes the EPA Unregulated Contaminate Rule Number Five that requires multiple scheduled samplings of 29 chemicals associated with PFAS.


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