LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 25)–The City of Lincoln on Thursday formally received a check for $1.7-million from the EPA, as part of a Recycling Education and Outreach Grant.

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird said the city plans to use the money for some residents in having access to recycling and food waste diversion.

“Our efforts will include a special focus on reaching low-income residents or new American residents, folks who speak multiple languages,” Mayor Gaylor Baird said.  “We are working to empower everyone in our community to create a greener future together.”

The Investing in America Agenda from the Biden Administration would grow the economy in several areas, from rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure to creating a manufacturing and innovation boom powered by good-paying jobs not requiring a college degree.

It also includes growing the nation’s economy through building a clean energy economy that fights climate change and making communities like Lincoln more resilient.