Lincoln Police say they already had the names of nine priests who were idenitifed Tuesday as being involved in previous investigations.

In a press release Wednesday, Lincoln Police Information Officer Angela Sands said, “These names had previously been received by the Lincoln Police Department through our cooperative efforts with the Lincoln Diocese, the Lancaster County Attorney, and the Nebraska Attorney General.”

Current investigations within the Lincoln Diocese include three associated with the Church: Thomas Dunavan, Leonard Kalin, and Charles Townsend. Clarence Crowley, Jerome Murray, and Aloysius Piorkowski were also reported to LPD even though they are deceased. Six others have also either been involved in investigations, including James Benton, John Copenhaver, Richard Deonise, Robert Hrdlicka, Paul Margand, and Sean Redmond.

Lincoln Police are encouraging victims to seek help with the department. Victims or anyone with information on the Diocese investigation can contact Investigator Cockle at 402-441-8980 or Sergeant Mark Unvert at 402-441-6967.