LINCOLN–(KFOR/Journal Star Aug. 16)-Lincoln Police have indicated there is no reason to believe that natural causes led to a 46-year-old man’s death last week.

That’s according to court documents.

The Lincoln Journal Star also reports the man’s 40-year-old wife is under investigation. It was August 8 between 9am and 1pm that Andrey Stepanyuk died at his home near NW 56th and West Aurora. His wife told police she found him unresponsive and he had been drinking. An LPD investigator wrote in his report that Stepanyuk appeared to be in good health, leading to no reason to believe of natural causes being the cause of his death.

The woman has not let police search the family home without a warrant, after initially granting it, nor has she let investigators talk with their children. The four kids have been put into protective custody with a relative.