LINCOLN–(KFOR June 13)–Lincoln Police arrested a man on suspicion of child enticement for luring two young daughters of a woman to his home on June 5.

An arrest affidavit says after a woman fell asleep in her home after spending time with 43-year-old John Graves, he allegedly lured the two girls, ages 5 and 7, to his home not far away. Grave supposedly locked the door to his home where the girls couldn’t leave, but before that, the 5-year-old apparently ate something in Graves’ yard that made her sick.

About that time, the woman woke up and found no one was in her home and she went to Graves’ house, where she ran into him carrying her 5-year-old daughter. Police say through interviews, it was determined the girls were not sexually abused but Graves didn’t have permission to take them to his home.