An inmate at the Community Corrections Center in Lincoln, who walked away from work release on Jan. 26, has been captured in Las Vegas.

The Metro Fugitive Task Force in Lincoln reached out to the Marshals in Las Vegas, after getting information that led to them believe 40-year-old Anthony Gafford was in the area.

No details have emerged yet on what led to Gafford’s capture on Thursday night or how he got out to Nevada.

Gafford had been serving a 30- to 50-year sentence after being convicted of second-degree murder in 1997, and was 19 when he was found guilty in the murder of 16-year-old Jacque Holbert in Omaha.

According to Lincoln police, Gafford had been housed in the Community Corrections Center in Lincoln since May. The centers are the least restrictive facilities in the prison system.

He was due to be released Dec. 11, 2022, according to state prison records.

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