The Lincoln Firefighters Union announced Sunday their endorsement of Leirion Gaylor Baird to be Lincoln’s next mayor.

“Leirion has done a lot to educate herself about the challenges facing firefighters in Lincoln over the last several years. She advocated for the opening of two new stations and worked to find funding to replace apparatus that was obsolete and dangerous to the citizens and firefighters.

Lincoln’s firefighters and paramedics have one of the highest rates for out of hospital cardiac arrest survival in the country. In a press release sent to media, the Union said, “Leirion’s work to shore up the retirement system for firefighters and police in Lincoln goes a long way to ensure that only the highest quality candidates join our ranks.”

Adam Schrunk, Union President said, “During her time on city council, Leirion has twice voted to increase the number of firefighters available to respond to emergencies in the city through SAFER grants because she saw the need to match the growth of the city with growth of its fire and EMS staff. We believe she has the best interest of the firefighters and the citizens at heart. We look forward to working with her to make Lincoln the safest and best city in Nebraska.”

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