The Lincoln Diocese has released a list of diocesan priests who have substantiated allegations of childhood sexual abuse reported against them and measures the church is taking to combat past and future sexual assault allegations.

A statement by Bishop James Conley said “we must do more for the victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by our brother priests, and honor these victims by ensuring that the next generation does not have to experience the scourge of abuse and the suffering that comes with years of silence and pain.”

After a voluntary task force investigation into the diocese,  the Bishop announced three new initiatives. One being the use of comprehensive new safe environment policies; second is the publication of a list of diocesan priests with allegations of childhood sexual abuse; and third the launch of a diocesan investigation into sexual misconduct by deceased priest Monsignor Leonard Kalin.

Conley said the reason for the investigation with now deceased Kalin is due to the priest being a leading figure in the diocese. “As the vocations director for decades, Monsignor Kalin was well-known and had contact with many of our current clergy and lay leaders in the diocese. When public allegations were made last August that Monsignor Leonard Kalin engaged in sexual misconduct and emotional and physical boundary violations with young adults, it created a dark cloud over his entire legacy within the diocese.”

The Lincoln Diocese has also reached out to any and all victims of child sexual abuse with Conley saying “to those victims of childhood sexual abuse in our diocese, please know that I am willing to meet personally with you and to hear your stories, if doing so would help with your healing.”

A list of priests with sexual assault allegations is below.


Clarence Crowley

Jerome Murray

Aloysius Piorkowski

Living or Status Unknown:

James Benton

John Copenhaver

Richard Deonise

Robert Hrdlicka

Paul Margand

Sean Redmond

Current Pending Investigations/On Administrative Leave:

Thomas Dunavan

Leonard Kalin

Charles Townsend


Victim Assistance: Contact Jessica at [email protected] or 402-613-2488 to set up a meeting.

Comprehensive Safe Environment Policies


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