LFR: Apartment Tenant Was Burning Non-Wood Items In Fireplace

LINCOLN–(KFOR Feb. 1)–What was called in as a possible chimney fire ended up being a tenant burning some other things instead of wood.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue Captain Nancy Crist on Wednesday said fire crews were called out late Tuesday morning about a working fire at an apartment near 8th and “G” and after further checking on what was burning in the fireplace, they found trash, plastics and tires.  That prompted LFR to contact the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department to respond due to air quality issues.

“Think about the carcinogens that come off of non-sawn wood,” Crist said. “It’s a health danger to people.”

Crist says it’s unclear why the tenant was burning those other items the fireplace but trash, plastics and tires burn a lot hotter than wood does.  Crist adds it’s against city ordinance to burn anything but sawn wood in indoor or outdoor fireplaces.

No reports of any injuries.