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LES Promotes National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

(KFOR NEWS  January 10,2020)  Friday, Jan. 10, is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.

Lincoln Electric System is taking the opportunity to help all LES customers start the new year and new decade with a new emphasis on energy-efficiency.

Eliminating wasteful electricity use in our community is important because it helps to reduce overall electrical demand, translating to lower carbon emissions and lower electric rates. Customers using less energy reduces the need for LES to purchase more expensive power during the summer months and delays the need to build new power generation in the area.

During the winter months, many customers might rely more heavily on gas than electricity. However, when it’s cold outside, there are still some simple ways to eliminate waste, keeping energy costs down. Here are 10 suggestions from your energy experts at LES:

  1. Clean or replace furnace filters regularly. A dirty or plugged filter reduces the amount of heated air supplied to your home or apartment, increasing your heating costs.
  2. Set the thermostat no higher than 68 degrees. When sleeping or gone for more than 4 hours, set the thermostat down to 60 degrees. Each degree you keep the thermostat set below 68 degrees can save you 3 to 5 percent of your heating cost.
  3. Make sure air registers are unobstructed by furniture, carpeting, or drapes.
  4. Open shades and drapes on sunny sides of your home or apartment during daytime hours. Close them at night.
  5. Keep windows and doors near the thermostat tightly closed. Drafts can keep the furnace working well after the room has reached a comfortable temperature.
  6. For a temporary, but quick and effective, fix before winter, tape plastic film storm window kits to the inside of the windows. If left in place, these kits can last up to 3 years.
  7. Keep the fireplace damper closed, unless in use. An open damper is no different than an open window and can cause immense heat loss in the winter cold. Close the damper as soon as you are certain the fire is completely out.
  8. Periodically inspect the dryer vent opening outside and clean all lint that may prevent the damper from closing completely.
  9. Programmable thermostats can be used to optimize your home’s heating and cooling based on a set schedule. Smart, internet-connected thermostats can be adjusted on the go, or simply set to automatically learn your routine. Check out to learn how your eligible device could help you earn up to $50 and help your utility maintain the electric grid.
  10. Talk to all family members about the importance of energy conservation and reward them for their energy-saving activities.

As a customer-owner of your local public power utility, you and your family have a vested interest in eliminating energy waste and helping to cut energy costs. With the community’s help, LES can continue to provide affordable energy in a safe and reliable way. For more energy-saving tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or go and check out our Energy-Saving Tips playlist.

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