LINCOLN–(KFOR June 17)–Lincoln Electric System announced Monday they are planning to decommission and take down the two oldest wind generators in Nebraska.

The two wind turbines are located north of Interstate 80 along 70th Street will be decommissioned and will be taken down starting in early July and the clean up continuing throughout the month. The first turbine on the east side of 70th near Bluff Road sits on land that’s also the site for the planned state prison.

The second wind turbine to the west is located closer to the Lincoln City Landfill and due to the cost saving and remaining life expectancy of the equipment, which initially was 25 years, will also be decommissioned.

The two, 290-foot turbines have a total capacity of 1.3-megawatts and served as LES’ first investment into wind. The removal of the turbines will not change the utility’s portfolio wind energy generation.

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