Kevin Wailes will retire as Lincoln Electric System’s CEO at the end of this year, an announcement he made on Tuesday.

Wailes has served as LES’ CEO since 2010 and helped adopting the goal to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide production from its generation portfolio by 2040. The LES administrative board will soon do a national search for the next CEO.

LES Board Chair and CFO of Lincoln Industries Andrew Hunzeker said Wailes’ impact on LES and public power is beyond measure.

“Kevin’s leadership skills and ability to work with key stakeholders collaboratively delivered significant long-term benefits to our community and the energy industry,” said Hunzeker. “Lincoln and the surrounding communities are fortunate to have a leader with his talent and expertise guiding our electric utility. Kevin’s educational process helped the Board immensely when setting the net-zero carbon dioxide production goal.”

Prior to joining LES, Wailes spent 23 years at Your Own Utilities, the municipal electric utility serving Tallahassee, Florida – the last 15 years as general manager. He also served as the superintendent of the Lamar Utilities Board in Lamar, Colorado.


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