L.B. 200, A bill presented by Lincoln Senator Anna Wishart of Lincoln is aimed at keeping The Bridge open.  The Bridge is the facility to which Lincoln Police take drunken drivers, people who are overly intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs.  The State Government is threatening to refuse license renewal.  Wishart said “a new interpretation of old law” places the 35 year old facility in jeopardy.  The issue is the use of locked rooms to help secure individuals under Civil Protective Custody.

Tammy Stevenson, the Executive Director of The Bridge said the locked rooms are necessary for safety and security. Stevenson said “we provide detoxification and medical withdrawal services, substance use and mental health respite, and outpatient and medical services to those with limited fund resources.”

Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeiser also testified, saying The Bridge keeps intoxicated people safer and cuts down the load on the Lancaster County Jail and Hospital Emergency Rooms.

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