LCC/DEC Move to New Operational Schedule

(KFOR NEWS  September 3, 2021)   In order to maximize available staff at the Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC) and the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (DEC), those facilities will shift to a new operational schedule on Monday, September 13th.  The move will consolidate primary activity to four, 12-hour days – Monday thru Thursday.

“This move will allow us to create greater consistency in staff scheduling and inmate activity,” said Scott R. Frakes, director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS). “Primary hours of operation will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. over the four weekdays. That is in alignment with the recently declared staffing emergency, which consists of a 12-hour operational pattern.”

DEC is the intake facility for all adult males entering NDCS. LCC is a maximum custody male facility that includes housing for residential mental health. Staffing resources are currently being coordinated between both facilities.

“Managing that workforce as one, extending the length of shifts and now, consolidating the greatest amount of activity into four days will bring greater consistency to the schedule, for both staff and the inmate population,” Dir. Frakes explained.

The scheduling changes are primarily in response to a slowdown in hiring.

“As a 24-7 operation, we need a specific number of staff to maintain the safety and security of our facilities. The consolidation of schedule will allow us to do that, as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Dir. Frakes.

Reducing the compliment of staff on the weekends will result in a corresponding reduction in activity including inmate visitation, volunteer activities, and recreation.

“We are having to frequently alter schedules or cancel activities due to staffing” noted Dir. Frakes. “By boosting staffing numbers during those primary operational hours, we will minimize spur-of-the-moment changes in schedule that can be severely disruptive.”

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