LINCOLN–(KFOR Mar. 21)–An anti-transgender bill was the centerpiece of debate Tuesday in the Nebraska Legislature.

LB 574 from Omaha Senator Kathleen Kauth says her “Let Them Grow” bill would prevent youth under 19 from accessing puberty blockers, hormone therapy and altering surgeries.  It does have support from several senators, including Bayard Senator Steve Erdman.

“Why do we want to mess with something that God created?  He made us male and female,” Erdman said during debate.  “There are other issues with these young people that are convincing them.  Whether it be adults that they know or a fad or whatever it may be, to change their mind about who they are.”

Omaha Senator John Fredrickson says LB 574 it’s divisive, adding there are a handful of people that support the bill.

“But the majority of us don’t,” Fredrickson said. “It’s bad for Nebraska.  It’s bad for Nebraskans and it’s also bad for (the Legislature) as a body.”

Opponents of LB 574 say it also overrides parental rights, while supporters maintain it just requires children to wait until their adults to undergo procedures for permanent changes.

An attempt to kill the bill for the session failed before lawmakers adjourned for the day.