Lancaster County Engineer Temporary Closes Another County Bridge

(KFOR NEWS  September 29, 2021)    Lancaster County Engineer, Pam Dingman, has temporarily closed a county bridge on West Panama Road, about a quarter-mile east of the intersection of West Panama Road and SW 29th.

An inspection revealed extensive damage from an unknown impact to safety rails on the Northside of the bridge.  The bridge will remain closed until a structural investigation is completed to determine the full extent of damage and the bridge’s structural safety.

Engineer Dingman asks, quote, “If anyone has knowledge about the damage to this bridge, they should contact the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at                              402-441-6500“, end quote.

Lancaster County has 11 closed bridges and 23 bridges needing to be replaced.  The current budget year has only two bridges funded for replacement.  Dingman said she will continue to fight for additional funds for new pavement and bridges.

For additional information, please contact the Lancaster County Engineering Department at 402- 441-7681.  For more information or assistance, The Lancaster County Engineer’s website also has a complete listing of roads and bridges currently closed in Lancaster County.

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